ZEMANNA: Replaying the 90s


WHEN: 17 January–13 June 2022
WHERE: Manarat Al Saadiyat

Zemanna is a visual exploration of reinterpreted memories from the 1990s— dissecting, reflecting, and responding to a time of change, flux, and expansion. In this exhibition, artists were commissioned to present nine interactive installations that address the remnants of the 1990s and how they have contributed to this present time. Through these installations, the exhibition reflects the vibrancy and density of this time, showcasing the surfacing of a community undergoing rapid transformation. This multiroom experience highlights key characteristics of that time such as the Volcano Fountain, the re-rooting of migrating families into the UAE, and the role of pop culture, media, and play. What led to the 1990’s and what did the 1990’s lead to?

The ten participating artists are: Afraa Al Dhaheri , Aisha Al Ahmadi, Alaa Idris, Fadel Al Mhairi, Al Jamiri, Rawda Al Ketbi, Ghada Al Sayegh, Maitha Al Shamsi, Mays Al Baik, and Sri.