A Return to the Ground



WHEN: December 2023

WHERE: Tokyo, Japan


Curated for the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Tokyo

Exhibition Designer: Alla Abdunabi

Graphic Designer: Habiba Darwish



Throughout time humans have inherited an intrinsic physical and emotional connection with their local environments. This connection is one that is passed down from generation to generation, further establishing the role of the land as important to all mankind in its day to day, and its future. With the growth of excessive consumerism, minimization of communal outdoor spaces, and the further destruction of the local flora and fauna in the name of contemporary civilization, this bond has weakened.

A Return to the Ground is an exhibition that highlights the inherent and fundamental relationship between body and land. The key lessons taught by nature tend to be forgotten in an increasingly fast-paced world. This can be gleaned through artworks meditating on the enduring solidity of stone, the rootedness of trees, and the resilience of land and people. The framework of the exhibition challenges separation and connection between humanity and the environment. As a way to further develop a stronger relationship with the environment, it is important to understand the need to examine the various elements in our surrounding nature and our connection to them.

The artists showcased in this exhibition highlight practices which take directly from the landscapes of the United Arab Emirates whether through the materials used, or the subjects discussed. The artists have presented the unique landscapes of their personal lives that also echo the relationship many people have with their surroundings.

The ten artists showcased in this exhibition are Tarek Al-Ghoussein, Sarah Al SamanZuhoor Al Sayegh, Fatema Al Fardan, Adele Bea Cipste, Vikram DivechaReem FalaknazTalin Hazbar, Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim and Zara Mahmood.