The Dirwaza Incubator


Established in 2022, the Incubator is one active half of Dirwaza working in parallel to its project partnerships. This is a thinking and breathing space meant to generate ideas. The framework of the Incubator allows creatives to access the platform’s mentorship and resources to marinate in thoughts and questions, without the expectation of presenting “final” creative products.

Through research, readings, discussions, proposals & projects, the Incubator becomes a place of extension, focused in questioning curatorial and creative practices along with the language and discourse they employ. The incubator ultimately unpacks what curating is, and how curatorial practices can become, breathe, and grow within the UAE’s art scene, its layers, and extensions. 



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The Dirwaza Microfund for Creative Access


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Season 1: May – July 2022

Rounds of Application: May 1 – 20, 2022, June 1 -20, 2022, and July 1 – 20, 2022

Co-curated by Independent Curator Sarah Daher, t
he Dirwaza Microfund for Creative Access was conceived as a resource for UAE-based practitioners exploring pressing questions .

The Microfund encourages cultural instigation through research and community.